bedendoof  Today at 9:37 AM
Bruh wtf
Got em dude
Thanks bro
Worst discord ever

NeverSummer  Today at 9:41 AM
I like arguing, but not when I provide direct evidence to counter a claim you made minutes earlier and your response is that the other person in the argument is a troll.
That's not interesting discussion, it's namecalling.

bedendoof  Today at 9:46 AM
I asked if you were a troll because everyone in the chat was laughing at my comments dude for one
This is exactly what you did
Hammered a point without ready anything but what you were typing

NeverSummer  Today at 9:46 AM
I mean they were laughing because you picked an evidence-based argument with me, and they think it's funny when new people try that.
It never goes well.

bedendoof  Today at 9:46 AM
Your point was "nvidia obv forcing frames to be better by putting more watts. It's so obvious"
My point is "wow what kind of degree do you have to make this statement"
So I got auto kickedfor being warned earlier because I fcuking asked why ebay keys were frowned upon
I was told I was advertising them
And everyone told me I should shut up
It's so fucking weird

NeverSummer  Today at 9:48 AM
Oh because you were arguing using a logical fallacy called appeal to authority.
And I was linking charts/data.

bedendoof  Today at 9:48 AM
What is this extreme over moderation and absolute lack social reasonability to the other person
Everyone just speaks in absolutes and barely discusses anything
It never goes well because you just hammer the same piint and you just find a good reason to kick someone

NeverSummer  Today at 9:48 AM
So you were arguing in bad faith, and people were waiting for me to do something about it.

bedendoof  Today at 9:49 AM
I called you an asshole because you are missing the point and showing me charts that are irrelevant
Just thinking data is in good faith is your problem here
You are thinking I'm being illogical because you used a chart

NeverSummer  Today at 9:49 AM
I fail to see how a chart showing power consumption in non-RT workloads isn't relevant to a discussion about how increased power consumption is a direct result of RT workloads.
If you can explain that, fair enough.

bedendoof  Today at 9:49 AM
But why the fuck would the 3080 not be at the top of the chart it is the NEWEST HIGHEST END XARS ATM
New tech new infastructure
Like dude grow up

NeverSummer  Today at 9:50 AM
Because no previous 80 card was.

bedendoof  Today at 9:50 AM
Thanks for kicking me cus you didn't see your dumb arguement sorking

NeverSummer  Today at 9:50 AM
This is the first 80 card since 2009 to be like that.
The 580, 580, 780, 980, 1080, 2080, and 2080 Super were not like that.

bedendoof  Today at 9:50 AM
Cool I'm done with this you kicked me from public discussion because you didn't want to be honest

NeverSummer  Today at 9:50 AM
The 3080 is.(edited)
That's why it's different.

bedendoof  Today at 9:50 AM
You accused me of calling you a troll. I wanna cry for you

NeverSummer  Today at 9:50 AM
My point isn't that it's bad, it's that it is unique to the 3080 in comparison to over a decade of previous x80 cards.

bedendoof  Today at 9:50 AM
Bro that's not how the number game works
You are just saying "well this is how it was marketed before I saw a pattern"
It's pure idiocy

NeverSummer  Today at 9:51 AM
Which, to me at least, indicates a fundamental change to their strategy in terms of power consumption.
Because there is a continuous trend for 11 years preceding 2020.

bedendoof  Today at 9:51 AM
And you are saying nvidia obv did this to make them more powerful cheaply lol what

NeverSummer  Today at 9:51 AM
And then a change in 2020 that bucks that trend.
In my mind that is a notable difference worthy of discussion.

bedendoof  Today at 9:51 AM
Yeah probably to utilize new infastructure not to just boof frames!
You are immature dude
Incredibly so
Shouldn't be moderating anything

NeverSummer  Today at 9:52 AM
That doesn't make sense, this is the sixth new architecture in those 11 years.
If this happened every time they entered a new arch that would be a pattern.

bedendoof  Today at 9:52 AM
So what's so diff about then
And why doesn't it make sense
What do you know about their engineering process that I dont

NeverSummer  Today at 9:52 AM
But they've released half a dozen architectures in that same time period without any increased power draw.
I don't know anything about their engineering process.  I'm using basic pattern recognition I learned in second grade.

bedendoof  Today at 9:52 AM
Omfg semantics and not the point. Who knows what they did with these!
Second grade skills lmao
You just admitted it

NeverSummer  Today at 9:53 AM
Thing was the same for 11 years across six architectures, now thing different.  Talk about thing.
That's literally it.
That is all the more understanding you need to grasp what I'm saying.

bedendoof  Today at 9:53 AM
No logic you just saw a non existent pattern and are randomly saying they are booking it
I didn't know power= cheap frames
Bad nvidia
Are you ever gonna see what I'm saying

NeverSummer  Today at 9:53 AM
I mean no one besides you is having trouble seeing that pattern or discussing it calmly.
If you can't that's fine, no one said you had to participate.
We're still talking about it.
Everyone is calm now though.

bedendoof  Today at 9:53 AM
You aren't educated enough to say what you are saying

NeverSummer  Today at 9:54 AM
There's no arguing, it's just a discussion now.
And you're just insulting me again, there's no reason for that we're talking in private.

bedendoof  Today at 9:54 AM
Bruh you hammered at me and told me I'm argueing in bad faith and you repeated the same poiny over and over

NeverSummer  Today at 9:54 AM
To be fair I've now mentioned three different points.

bedendoof  Today at 9:54 AM
Was super.chill unt you are basically harassing me because you know you are eating ass
[9:54 AM]
And you have the power to ban
So it's even dumber on your part
If it was such a bad faith arguement like leave me alone

NeverSummer  Today at 9:55 AM
I mean again if you aren't happy with the way that conversation concluded, no one is forcing you to stay in that server.

bedendoof  Today at 9:55 AM
But I couldn't stand you just telling me I'm an idiot that can't look at data
I'm saying you! You were the problem!
You aren't the only mod
Wtf are you on

NeverSummer  Today at 9:55 AM
There are certainly other places that are more willing to ceaselessly praise Ampere and leverage absolutely no criticism against their best friend Nvidia.

bedendoof  Today at 9:55 AM
Does that statement mean
You are so immature

NeverSummer  Today at 9:56 AM
I mean even if I am personally the problem according to you I don't see what that changes.
If you can't be in the same server as me... don't.
There are other places to go.

bedendoof  Today at 9:56 AM
Bruh who said that like wtf

NeverSummer  Today at 9:56 AM
I received no messages personally or in the mod mail thing about how that warning was unfair.  We absolutely do get those 100% of the time someone oversteps with a moderator action.
Everyone except you thought you were being unreasonable and is fine with the warning.
So I have no intention of changing my approach or apologizing.
If you can't get over it that's fine.  I have no investment in convincing you to stay.
We have 45,000 other users.  You can go whenever you want.

bedendoof  Today at 9:57 AM
Dope glad you feel justified being a jackass who hammered an arguement and abused the tiny bit of power you have
I'm thrilled that you are okay with your actions
You are dope dude

NeverSummer  Today at 9:58 AM
I absolutely do feel justified, thank you for your approval.

bedendoof  Today at 9:58 AM

NeverSummer  Today at 9:59 AM
I mean that's a pretty classic insult to level at a mod.
I don't really have any insecurities about my personal life though.
You can try that angle if you want, but it's not going to go very well.

bedendoof  Today at 9:59 AM
Bro pls stop bothering me. You are so on ass wtf are you talking about 
You are so annoying and a really shitty mod

NeverSummer  Today at 10:00 AM
I mean no that's not how I do things.
You messaged me.
I find that when people DM moderators to insult them, the goal is usually to get them to leave/stop responding in frustration.
I don't really do that.
I'll just stay here until you get bored.

bedendoof  Today at 10:00 AM
I didn't fucking message you to insult you you fucking narcissistic asshole

NeverSummer  Today at 10:00 AM
I mean it really seems like you did.

bedendoof  Today at 10:01 AM
I messaged you to tell you that you should chill out a little bit and a mod shouldn't be so apart of a problem and then ban the other party
You took part in a bad faith arguement and you obv love argueing

NeverSummer  Today at 10:01 AM
I'm touched that my opinion of you means so much to you that you needed to continue talking in private to try to prove me wrong.

bedendoof  Today at 10:01 AM
And you love this holier than thou standpoint

NeverSummer  Today at 10:01 AM
Oh I absolutely do love arguing, but I only act superior when I can prove it.

bedendoof  Today at 10:03 AM
Ight peace I just doubt you'll ever actually take the advice seriously of "youre a real jackass" but I promise it's what you need to hear and take seriouslly
Have a good life

NeverSummer  Today at 10:04 AM
I just feel like if you're moderating and people aren't calling you a jackass at least every now and then you aren't doing it right.(edited)
I've been called much worse for outright banning much worse people.
One time I banned a guy for posting dead bodies in the server and he DM'd me more dead bodies.
So like I can't really extrapolate that if someone is upset about a mute, they are probably correct and I should re-evaluate my actions.
People get upset about mutes/bans even if they were absolutely justified.