Marshi  Today at 12:33 AM
Hello, i got muted for 12 hours almost 24 hours ago...I'd like to be unmuted now....

NeverSummer  Today at 12:34 AM

Marshi  Today at 12:35 AM
Unmute plz

NeverSummer  Today at 12:35 AM
I mean the second one was really the more prescient information here.

Marshi  Today at 12:35 AM
Oh that...thats noteven relevant

NeverSummer  Today at 12:36 AM
He specifically said the mute was changed from 12 hours to until you appealed.

Marshi  Today at 12:36 AM
Makes no sense

NeverSummer  Today at 12:37 AM
I can't undo a mute placed by someone else without talking to them.
Well I can.
But rude.

Marshi  Today at 12:38 AM
The moderator made a poor effort into solving the situation
I remember what happened now. He unmuted me to apparently appeal then and there. Somebody in chat said they didn't understand why i was muted. I said something like me either then gotuted again for no reason

NeverSummer  Today at 12:40 AM
Don't know about that.  Seems like you were kind of being an ass.  Broke a couple rules in a row, and when he warned you the first time you proudly announced your intention to ignore the warning completely.

Marshi  Today at 12:40 AM
The given warning wasnt even valid

NeverSummer  Today at 12:41 AM
I don't know; Aegis isn't a mod.  Seems like it made sense to him.

Marshi  Today at 12:41 AM
It was pertainoning to discord community guidelines which i broke none of

NeverSummer  Today at 12:41 AM
Seems like you deleted some of the more relevant comments.
I could go look at what you deleted if you're really insisting that you didn't do anything.
We can see those.

Marshi  Today at 12:41 AM
I didnt delete anything

NeverSummer  Today at 12:42 AM

Marshi  Today at 12:42 AM
The mod must have

NeverSummer  Today at 12:42 AM
Alright so I'm going to double-check that, and if you're lying I guess we're done talking.
That's some nice concrete stakes; I like it.

Marshi  Today at 12:43 AM
I mean the dude cant resolve a simple dispute without issue
The 2nd mute was without reason

NeverSummer  Today at 12:43 AM
Okay fair enough.  It looks like the only message in there was the one where you called someone retarded.  Wormwood probably deleted that himself, we usually do.

Marshi  Today at 12:44 AM
Oh aegis was being rather stupid
Didnt want to answer a question i had with a legit answer other than not wanting to waste his time then proceeds to complain about me

NeverSummer  Today at 12:44 AM
I mean yes he probably could have resolved that without muting you, but after the warning you made your intention to not cooperate pretty clear.  I don't blame him for just cutting things off there with a mute.  It's fun to talk things out when the user is receptive to critique/clarification of rules.  Your comment indicated otherwise though.
Well okay I'll look at what Aegis said I guess, hold on.

Marshi  Today at 12:45 AM
He didnt give the correct warning
But yeah in all that time aegis spent complaining about me he could have just answered my question and the whole situation would have been avoided

NeverSummer  Today at 12:46 AM
Well I mean if this was your attempt to seriously request Aegis's help it wasn't particularly enthusiastic.

Marshi  Today at 12:46 AM
Wayyyy before that
I posted a newegg build list which he had time to comment on but apparently no time to give a coherent answer
NeverSummer  Today at 12:48 AM
I mean you've just been insulting people for like the last half-hour.

Marshi  Today at 12:48 AM
When the dude says he doesnt want to waste his time answering then spend a good five minutes arguing why he doesnt want to...
Makes no sense
Like just answer the question

NeverSummer  Today at 12:48 AM
Well sure but I'd rather users not make sense than insult eachother.

Marshi  Today at 12:49 AM
He well deserved it
But that was all then. I just need my mute to be removed 12 hours ago

NeverSummer  Today at 12:51 AM
Like I said he muted you pending appeal, not for a fixed timeframe.
So I can't undo a mute placed by someone else without running it by them.

Marshi  Today at 12:51 AM
The 2nd mute should have never been given. There was no reason to

NeverSummer  Today at 12:51 AM
We can revoke indefinite mutes via appeal since those were the terms laid out at the time it was placed.

Marshi  Today at 12:52 AM
Unless to reenact the 12 hour one which i would have been fine with

NeverSummer  Today at 12:53 AM
Whether that's true or not I do not feel comfortable removing mutes with explicitly declared constraints placed by another moderator without speaking to them.
Or following the constraints as given in their absense.

Marshi  Today at 12:54 AM
So mods can freely mute without reason. Noice

NeverSummer  Today at 12:55 AM
Well... yes they can.  We don't usually, but sure Discord policy would allow us to mute anyone forever if we didn't like their favorite color.
I don't think that's what happened here, and it's against our personal rules to do that.
But in theory, sure.

Marshi  Today at 12:55 AM
Thats whack

NeverSummer  Today at 12:55 AM
Reddit and Discord both operate on the system that moderators are absolute authorities on their platform as long as conduct does not violate their CoC.
Which only has statements about content, not moderation policy.
We have self-imposed mute requirements that we follow.
The check on that is the other members of the moderation team though, not the corporate entity that is Discord/reddit.

Marshi  Today at 12:56 AM
So muted for the wrong reason then muted without reason then left muted cause you can? Nice.

NeverSummer  Today at 12:56 AM
You were muted with reason.
Your version of the narrative is not objective, nor is mine.
I can only assess what happened by reading back, having not been there.
But in reading back I have to say I take little issue with how Wormwood handled it, and I find his terms for removing the mute agreeable and easily met.

Marshi  Today at 12:58 AM
In other words youre tyrants

NeverSummer  Today at 12:58 AM
Well let me look up the official definition of tyrant because I'm not sure I know it off the top of my head.

Marshi  Today at 12:58 AM
At least you admit it

NeverSummer  Today at 12:59 AM
"A cruel and oppressive ruler."
Hmm, no I don't think so.

NeverSummer  Today at 12:59 AM
Autocrats maybe.

ClydeBOT  Today at 12:59 AM
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